Welded Wire Mesh Gabions & Woven Wire Gabions
Gabion Mattress, Boxes and Rockfall Netting Exporter

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  • Differences Between Gabion AndMattresses

    Gabion (greater than 1' in height) and mattresses (less than 1' in height) consist of rectangular units fabricated from a double-twisted hexagonal mesh. Gabions and mattresses are divided into cells with diaphragms (usually spaced at 1 meter or 3’ intervals), whose function is to reinforce the structure. Filled with stones, both of them become large, fexible and permeable elements from which a broad range of structures may be built. The mesh, except for the diaphragms, is reinforced on all edges with wires of a larger diameter to strengthen the gabions and facilitate the assembly and installation.

    They are also widely used for hydraulic and geo- technical control such as retaining walls, riverbank protections, weirs, channel linings and so on.

    Gabions and mattresses is a non-raveling mesh made by twisting continuous pairs of wires through three one half 1/2 turns to form hexagonal shaped openings which are then interconnected to adjacent wires to form hexagonal openings. We can supply them in rolls of 1 x 50mtrs, 2 x50mtrs, the widest can be 2.3mtrs. For easy handling and shipping, the gabion and mattresses are supplied folded fat. A color stripe applied on the side of each folded gabion identify the size.