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    The high resistance gabion products, especially rockfall mitigation nettings, are ideally suited for difficult solutions to rock face problems, since the double-twist, hexagonal-woven mesh does not unravel when wires abrade. Fractured stones are trapped and confined against the slope should isolated wires fatigue from prolonged stress. Additionally, this double-twisted hexagonal type of netting has the high mechanical resistance required to prevent the danger of sudden rock shock loads and dissipate rock fall energy created from loose fractured rock. The main advantages over other types of mesh are the features of flexibility, non-raveling design, superior corrosion resistance and unique mechanical characteristics.

    Advantages of Rockfall Protection
    * Low cost
    * Ease of construction
    * Free draining
    * Easily vegetated
    * Flexibility and durability
    * Mesh does not unravel if one of the wires should fail
    * High tension and punching stress resistance
    * Maximum continunity at joints without the need to overlap mesh panels

    Rockfall protection can be dealt with in two ways:-

    - by curtain meshing the rock faces
    - by catch walling

    By curtain meshing the face, spalling rocks can be either held in place by pinning the mesh to the rock strata or by draping it over the face guiding the falling rocks harmlessly to the base of the escarpment.

    The mesh facing normally has vertical and/or horizontal cabling secured to the mesh/rock to provide fixity and integrity to the jointing of the panels. It is normal to seek advice from specialist installation companies as to the design of this type of work. Additional anchoring of large unstable rock masses on the face may be required.

    Catch walling rockfall protection is a freestanding gabion wall of sufficient mass to withstand impact of falling rocks. Location of the catch wall and height of the wall is important to ensure the trajectory of the falling rocks will be impacted on or behind the wall.

    Rockfall netting or rock netting as it is commonly called are rolls of wire mesh manufactured using triple twisted PVC coated galvanised or just plain galvanised wire. Anchored to rock face to contain rockfalls. Alternatively, use in conjunction with our range of erosion control mats to help stabilise steep rock faces. One popular example is our Rock netting and Secumat combination which was used behind Fitzgerald's Pub in Avoca.

    Unlike chainlink mesh, the strong 'triple twisted' mesh rock netting will not unravel if one of the mesh wires should break.

    Rock netting is manufactured from the same mesh that is used for the manufacture of Woven Mesh Gabions. PVC coated Rockfall Netting have a design life of up to 120 years. Please check out our Woven Mesh Gabion page for more technical information.